Flagstone and Natural Stone

Unique Design Opportunities

Flagstone and natural stone offer homeowners a look and style you can’t find in a concrete product.  The colours and textures are created in nature and offer their own unique design opportunities.

Natural stone is extremely durable and will retain its look overtime. The colour will not fade as you will see with concrete products. This type of product can be laid in formal patterns with square and rectangular shapes or irregular patterns using the stone’s natural curves to dictate the pattern. Flagstone and natural stone can be used for patios, pathways and even driveways if mortared on a concrete slab. Sealing is not required as this is a natural product, but can be used to help prevent staining and add to the aesthetics of the stone bringing out its natural colours.

Benefits of using Flagstone + Natural Stone

  • Natural Look
  • Durability and Strength
  • Formal or Irregular Design Options
  • Unique Variation on Colour and Texture
  • Safe Non-Slip Surface
  • Easily Repaired
  • No Efflorescence Issues