What we focus on

Our niche is designing, building and maintaining luxury residential landscapes for nice people who appreciate our attention to detail.

Our Purpose

We help people grow

Ultimately, we want our Team to stay with us for Life. Our Employee Journey directs succession from on-boarding through a path to partnership with engagement, training, culture and Living the Core Values. Our 10 Year Target includes people and business growth of 3 new businesses, 3 new managing partners and 5 additional shareholders.

Core Values we live by

Our Core Values guide us through every action and decision, and they define our culture and who we truly are as people:

1. Obsess Over Great Service

Deliver incomparable experiences – We are aware that our bottom line is derived from satisfied customers. Providing our clients incomparable service and products every time is what we aim for. We go the extra mile to make this happen every time we put on our work boots!
This means we will:
> Go the extra mile for clients
> Always do what we say we are going to do
> Never sweep s#!% under the carpet
> Leave everything better than we found it

2. Work Together

Collaborate to build something greater than any one of us could create alone.
This means we will:
> Offer help to encourage each other’s success
> Take responsibility, be accountable, and share in the success
> Encourage team collaboration to solve problems
> Lead by example and be the role model
> Set targets and motivate the team to achieve them

3. Be Creative & A Little Weird

Share creative innovative ideas, create fun and celebrate individuality. (different isn’t always better but better is always different)
This means we will:
> Fearlessly let our quirks show
> Be open minded
> Colour outside the lines to solve issues
> Engineer fun into every day
> Create an energetic, inviting workplace that embraces individuality

4. Prove You Care

Build strong relationships with our team, clients and community.
This means we will:
> Participate in company events
> Be compassionate, supportive and respectful of others
> Go out of our way to improve someone’s day
> Be a CRL promoter
> Show genuine interest in others

5. Communicate

Interact with transparency, respect, honesty and integrity
This means we will:
> Continuously keep clients and coworkers informed
> Ask questions, be curious
> Be an active listener
> Reciprocate communication
> Give and receive feedback with respect

6. Be A Go Getter

Pursue individual excellence for personal and professional growth
This means we will:
> Drive ourselves to be better than yesterday
> Live outside our comfort zone, try new things
> Continuously pursue growth and learning
> Create a vision, set goals and achieve them
> Never give up, celebrate our mistakes and learn from them

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