It started in 1994 with a vision,
a truck and some garden tools…

Thirty years ago Ryan Markewich had a vision, a truck and some garden tools…

Since then he has bought new tools and trucks – and shared company ownership with Matt, Colette, Jacob and Zach – but the vision is still the same: to build a team of truly outstanding people who will deliver amazing results every time.

A team of professionals who could set the standard in any industry – we just happen to love landscaping.

The outdoors, the hard work and the tangible results of our efforts are things we don’t want to live without. We are proud of what we do. We enjoy handing each project over to our clients and witnessing how they share our pride in the outcome.

The reputation we’ve built and the referrals we get have propelled the Creative Roots team to be one of British Columbia’s leading landscape companies. We are guided by our insight and principles.

Insight & skills

Crafting a landscape is not an exercise in one single skill. It’s a matter of understanding the entire process and putting all the skills together that bring a project to life. At Creative Roots, we have a dynamic team with trade diversities that lay the foundation to create, execute and complete the most challenging projects.

Our Principles

Part of our toolbox

While the size and scope of our ventures has expanded over the years, we have never lost sight of our principles:

Flawless execution.

From water features, custom wood and metal work to automated irrigation, lighting and natural stone walls, we put our professional pride into every detail, because the quality of our work and manner we deliver it in is the trademark we leave behind.

Attention to detail.

Every member of the Creative Roots team is on board with our professional commitment to our clients. We take care of the details because that’s what we do and what our clients want.

Have fun.

This one is extremely important to us. We do our best to cultivate a culture where every person is committed to doing their absolute best while still having fun.

Continual innovation.

We want to do more than live up to the positive reputation we have earned within our industry. We believe that by working on ourselves and our ways of delivering service, not only will our clients have a GREAT experience, we will also. Our goal is to surpass our best achievements each and every day through education and good business practices.

Our Team

Below you will find members of our current team. Don’t be fooled by the light hearted bio on each of them. All the work you see here has been done by real people just like them.

Ryan Markewich

Founder | Shareholder

Ryan is our almighty leader and the hardest working man you will ever meet. Nobody epitomizes Creative Roots Culture and Principles more than the head honcho. A fun fact about Ryan is that he can win a game of Connect 4 in only 3 moves.


Construction Mngr | Shareholder

Matt has been with Creative Roots for longer than we can remember and is the Landscape Construction Manager. He is originally from Muskoka, Ontario and completed a degree in golf course management from Durham College. Matt enjoys hunting and spending time on the rifle range.


Maintenance Mngr | Shareholder

Jacob is a Go-Getter! One of the youngest on our team, He’s worked his way up to manage the maintenance team and become a shareholder! When he is not leading the team, mowing and pruning he can be found dominating on the soccer pitch or pranking his co-workers.


Construction Foreman | Shareholder

Zach joined us in 2015 as a crew. 7 years later he became a shareholder! We were taken by his impeccable work ethic and dashing good looks. What he loves best about landscaping is the people he works with. What we love best about Zach is that he is soft yet very fierce.

Rik Creative Roots Landscaping


Construction Foreman | Jr Designer

Rik tracked us down from Ontario, and we’re sure glad he did! He’s a go-getter who studied landscaping and is keen to be a designer one day. He loves the intense landscape season so he can spend winters skiing!


Office Human | Shareholder

Colette made the trek from Vancouver to Kelowna to be our Office Human several years back. She and Newman handle the crazy rag tag bunch at Creative Roots. If not there, find her hiking or biking trails, pumping iron, or hanging out with her man Ray.


Maintenance Foreman

Working in the dirt in the summer, playing in the snow in the winter. Passion is cooking and growing edible plants.
Creative, and a lot of weird.


Maintenance Forewoman

Rebecca always has a shovel in the soil and a shoulder to lean on. Music, psychology and snowboarding makes her happy.


Construction Technician

Noah, his infectious smile and positive energy came to us from Ontario. He goes back when he can to share precious time with his family. He’s our family man!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the great people  who’ve worked alongside us over the years. People have come and gone during our 20 years in business – I am always aware that without them, the experiences we’ve had wouldn’t exist.
I owe many thanks to all of these characters!

Ryan Markewich – Founder | Shareholder

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