Landscapers Back Top 2022 Charity to Support Access To Safe Drinking Water

The small team at Creative Roots Landscaping is giving again!  Today they donated $2500 to Lifewater Canada. They chose this Ottawa based charity for a couple of reasons, one is Lifewater’s impressive achieved impact per donated dollar.  According to their website, Lifewater Canada has been “selected for the third consecutive year by Charity Intelligence, an independent organization that assesses the performance of more than 800 Canadian charities, as one of the nation’s top 10 for the impact it achieves for donors.  Based on these rankings, MoneySense magazine is calling Lifewater a ‘Top 2022 Charity’”.  

Creative Roots team understands and appreciates efficiently run organizations because they’re immersed in one.

Their unique company uses The Great Game of Business which is a business methodology that brings the company numbers to the team and engages them in financial literacy as well as business planning, operation and success.  Through this they learn valuable financial skills that they can use to improve their personal lives.  

Creative Roots team cares about the global community. 

Another reason they’re supporting Lifewater is to live into the Creative Roots core value, Prove You Care.  Here in the Okanagan where washing cars and irrigation is the norm, it is hard to imagine that for others on our planet access to a glass of safe drinking water is a daily life and death struggle.  So supporting the Lifewater Canada belief that “everyone has a right to safe, accessible drinking water” is an impactful way to prove the team cares about the global community.   

At Creative Roots Landscaping each employee generously donates one hour of their wages each week to a GiveBack Fund.  These wage donations amount to approximately $1100 per month, enabling this giving to happen.

For the Creative Roots team, giving back is part of why they do what they do.  They believe that running a business is an opportunity to share many of the great things life has to offer – camaraderie, friendships, challenge, learning, growth, a sense of community and profits.  With this sharing they hope more local businesses will embrace the concept of turning their time into money for the good of the community. 

Stay tuned!  The landscaping team announced they will donate to one more non-profit organization this year. 

For more information, please contact Colette at 250-868-9374 or