Landscapers Prioritize Mental Health with Big Local Impact

The Creative Roots Landscaping team has generously donated $2500 to the Kelowna branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.  They compassionately chose to support mental health because they too are experiencing the challenges and stresses the pandemic and resulting inflation has brought on and want to help those with less support.

Without mental health there is no health.  The Creative Roots team appreciates the mental health resources they all have access to; group benefits providing psychological support, and an internal certified coach to help them thrive and develop in their lives and careers.  With this $2500 donation the landscaping team hopes to make a positive impact for others in the community with less resources at their disposal.

Guided by Core Values

Prove You Care is one of six core values guiding Creative Roots Landscaping.  It means they intentionally build strong relationships with their team, clients and the community.  Relationships build connections.  These connections contribute to a more fulfilling life and improved mental health.  Core values are not just pretty words on a poster for this team!  Living their core values is an employment expectation at this unique landscaping company.  This, they say, results in an excellent work culture where the entire team supports each other.

Creative Roots Landscaping operates using an Open Book Management system that includes weekly meetings to discuss the finances of the company, ways to succeed as a team, and the impact that success will have on the bottom line.  Each employee generously donates one hour of their wages for these meetings to the GiveBack providing the program with approximately $1300 per month which enables this giving to happen.

For the Creative Roots team, giving back is part of why they do what they do.  They believe that running a business is an opportunity to share many of the great things life has to offer – camaraderie, friendships, challenge, learning, growth, a sense of community and profits.  With this sharing they hope more local businesses will embrace the concept of turning their time into money for the good of the community.

The landscaping team has announced they have ear-marked two more non-profit organizations for $2500 donations later this year.  Stay tuned!