Time for RR & R?

Do you make time for a little RR & R?

Are you a year round, head down, working hard in the business leader?  You’re not alone!  When do you work on your business?

Seasonal businesses have their pros and cons.  A big pro is the time to work on the business.  A big con is not generating revenue in the off season.  Creative Roots Landscaping is a successful seasonal business.  March through December we are Landscaping FULL-ON – to the power of 10!!  Then in January and February we make time for some R & R.  Rest & Relaxation indeed, and so much more:

  • Review and Revise; systems and processes
  • Repair, Replace and Refit; equipment, vehicles and machines
  • Rest, Recuperate and Recharge; people

If you’re head down working all year round, when do you do take care of these important tasks?

Winter is our perfect time to Review the previous year.  Reflect on what worked and what didn’t.  Revise, Replace or Remove anything that didn’t work.  You too can use this simple 3 step process to improve pretty much anything:

  1. Reflect – what worked well, what didn’t, and what you would do differently
  2. Replace – anything that didn’t work effectively
  3. Remove – all Redundancies

To improve any aspect of business or life:

  • Schedule time to work on it
  • Reflect on a specific time period in the past and write down 3 lists:
    1. What worked/What you did well
    2. What didn’t work/What you could have done better
    3. What you will do differently next time
  • Review the lists to determine your next steps:

KEEP doing the #1 stuff, STOP doing the #2 stuff, START doing the #3 stuff!

Remember, you can’t just keep adding stuff to your full plate!  If you add something, you have to drop something else. What are you going to drop?


From accounts payable through client journey to trailer organization, or, sleep quality through nutrition to exercise, make time to look at every aspect of your organization or life on a regular basis.  Make it a habit.

Reflect, Replace & Remove will not only reduce down time, it will extend life and increase value.