Yard Angels Did Their Magic!

On Saturday May 5th the Creative Roots Landscaping Yard Angels, along with material donations from Pro Source Irrigation Supply and Sawyer Construction, made a Kelowna family’s life a little easier and a big deal brighter. This is what the appreciative recipient had to say about it:

“People often associate pride with the upkeep of their own personal yard. When I purchased my first (and still current) home in Kelowna 11 years ago, I too, took a lot of pride in maintaining my property. Unfortunately, in 2011, I experienced the onset of significant health problems which have continued to persist up until present, thus unavoidably causing the upkeep of my yard to gradually fall by the wayside. Over the past several years, my list of “yard projects to do if/when I get healthy” had grown quite lengthy. I had long since put my “yard pride” to the side, as I was understandably more focused on dealing with my health challenges. Then last month, my kind neighbour approached me and told me about a charitable initiative that she had come across on Castanet. Creative Roots Landscaping was seeking nominations for their “Yard Angels” program, which sought to give assistance to housebound individuals whose yards would benefit from some “angelic” landscaping assistance. My neighbour explained that she had nominated me, and that I had been chosen as April’s Yard Angels recipient. Suddenly, I was faced with a different kind of internal pride to navigate. Despite my prolonged health struggles, I was not accustomed to accepting this scale of help from others; especially if there might be someone else in greater need. Upon meeting and discussing things with the Creative Roots representative, Colette Kinderdyk, I was able to realize that the Yard Angels were essentially giving me the opportunity to reclaim my yard pride, if only I could set aside my autonomous pride. Of course, it is not always easy to accept help from others, but am I ever glad that I did.

On a Saturday morning in May, a team of kind-hearted, skilled Yard Angels descended upon my property at 8 am – multiple trucks filled with tools, supplies, and hard-working landscapers. Colette had already been out to my property once before, at which time she had taken pictures of my yard and discussed with me the different items on my wishful “to do” list. By 3 pm that same day, my yard had been transformed and revitalized. Rock beds inundated with weeds were pulled up, re-covered with new, black underlay and re-spread with rock. My lawns were mown, edged, power raked, aerated, seeded, and 2 small areas that had died off were rejuvenated with new strips of turf. My back fence had rotted and collapsed – the Yard Angels broke all of the panels down and carted them away for me. I had a hole in the roof of my shed – a skilled craftsman removed the old roof and then entirely re-roofed and re-tiled my shed. The Yard Angels pruned my bushes, including my roses. They removed all of my old, rotten landscaping ties and replaced them with new ties. They expanded and prepared my small garden area with soil. Their work was impeccable. Their generosity of spirit, time and skill was inspiring. When I came outside a few times to offer the team food and drink, every single one of the Yard Angels was genuinely pleasant and appreciative of the refreshments. They worked with such unmistakeable drive and positivity – actually making me feel like they were grateful to me for the opportunity to work on my yard. At first, I didn’t understand that – they were the ones helping me. But then I realized that in the positive, selfless work they were doing, a contagious wave of giving and goodness had spread among them.

Thanks to the Yard Angels from Creative Roots Landscaping, I have my yard back – and the pride that goes along with it. I will be forever grateful to the Yard Angels for their generous assistance. With so much negativity going on in the world today, it really was inspiring to see a group of people come together to do something so positive and helpful.” Jim

The Yard Angel program started this year. In a nutshell, 3 times a year they accept nominations from the public to help someone with their yard while they are incapable, due to illness, hospitalization etc. A nomination is selected, and the magic begins. The next Yard Angel magic will happen in July. For more information go to their website: www.creativerootslandscaping.com/giveback
Not only was the event a boost for the recipient, but the Creative Roots family was super inspired and energized by helping out the appreciative family.