Landscapes that will make you proud

Perhaps you’ve just built a new home and are surrounded by a sea full of dirt. Or you’ve just moved into a house with overgrown plantings and there is no clear path to the front door. Maybe, after many years in the same home, it is simply time for an update.

Other reasons for landscaping your home may be borne of passion: You’re an avid gardener and want more space for growing your favorite plants. You love rooms filled with fresh flowers and desire a cutting garden. You enjoy entertaining, and want to create an intimate terrace garden for evening gatherings. Or maybe you just need a quiet refuge and are seeking a way to make your home feel more personal and serene.

Whatever the reason, Creative Roots Design will help you evaluate your property, design the garden spaces you’ve been dreaming about, take a practical approach to problem areas, and create outdoor living areas that suit you family’s needs.

Our approach...Questions and then some

Don’t be fooled by a landscape company that doesn’t ask questions. Through a carefully thought out design questionnaire we will be able to pin point the design criteria that will spark the creative vision.

Next? Probably more questions. Then a scaled two dimensioned color rendering is drafted. At this stage the plan should be installable. Please don’t forget about the creative adjustment factor. This flexibility will allow for unforeseen elements that come about while even the best landscape plan is being implemented.

Landscape development of lasting beauty

Landscape development requires balancing living and non-living things into a beautiful, sustainable creation: a man made eco-system where soil, plants, water, stone and wood are harmonized. We blend craftsmanship with organizational skills and teamwork to create landscapes of lasting beauty and real value to our clients. We offer these services:

  • Landscape design

  • Pre-development consultation

  • Landscape construction

  • Irrigation installation

  • Natural stone retaining walls

  • Water features

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Brick paver installation

  • Theme gardens

  • Custom Wood Structures

  • Wrought iron

Landscape maintenance. We take care of everything we create

We cannot forget the importance of landscape maintenance. Whether you decide to care and nurture the new life around your home or have us do it for you, it will always be an important aspect to the evolution of your sanctuary.

Our maintenance division of Creative Roots is here to maintain everything we install. From once a year to once a week we will create a schedule to accommodate your needs.
These services include:

  • Expert turf maintenance

  • Tree & Shrub bed maintenance

  • Fertilization programs (plants and/or lawn)

  • Insect & disease control

  • Aerating and power raking

  • Lawn & ornamental consultation

  • Seasonal color plantings and maintenance

  • Irrigation start-up and winterizing

  • Irrigation operation, consultation and repair

  • Remedial landscape upgrading

  • Water feature operation, consultation and repair

 Next steps:

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