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Creative Roots is a full service Design/Build & Maintenance landscaping company which means that we design and install our projects. In general, we do not offer our design services unless we will be doing the installation. This makes us fully accountable for the success of your landscape project – we prefer it that way and you will too.

Creating a spectacular landscape starts with spectacular landscape design. With a fully qualified Landscape Architect on staff, it will be spectacular!  An on-site consultation and a detailed landscape plan is the practical way to start a project.

Our Landscape Architect will provide you with comprehensive drawings to scale, including placement of patios, decks, walls, arbors, hot tubs, planting beds, swimming pools, trees, etc.

He can then recreate your space as a scaled 3D model, adding specific materials, plants and other furnishings. This mind blowing 3D presentation allows us to be better at designing and allows you to see your project before we even start installation.


Our Process

It’s in the little details

Step 1

Getting Acquainted

  • Meet to talk about overall project scope.
  • Discuss all aspects of the design/build process.
  • Provide proof that we are the right team to hire. (references, project tours)
  • Decide if both parties would like to continue to Step 2.

Step 2

Budget & Project Overview

  • Meet to discuss design delivery options (2d, 3d, 3d animation)
  • Define & prioritize constraints, needs, wants, options & materials.
  • Provide rough budget ranges for each priority.
  • Explain billing methods, warranties, what to expect from us and what we expect

Step 3

Planning & Design

  • Initial contract delivered for review and approval.
  • Collect deposit of 20% of higher end of budget range on contract.
  • Site pictures, measurements and in-depth site analysis.
  • The blending of all data collected with our personal style into a cohesive 2d concept created for review and approval.
  • Revision to 2d concept if needed for final review and approval.
  • Final 2d and if desired 3d and 3d animation creation.
  • Presentation and approval of final concept.

Step 4


  • Permits, product ordering, final logistics.
  • Installation of concept.
  • Constant communication on progress and any issues that arise.
  • Weekly invoicing.

Step 5

Finishing Touches

  • Making sure the details are taken care of.
  • Final walk-through to explain how things work answer questions.
  • Warranty review.
  • Final invoice.
  • Explanation of our Maintenance services.
  • Testimonial and customer satisfaction survey request.

Step 6


  • Keep your yard beautiful and functional with regular maintenance.
  • Learn more about our Maintenance services click here
Maintenance Services

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