Insights, Good News and Top 4 Improvements

Spring is just around the corner so I want to take this opportunity to thank-you in advance for the continued business and also to provide a few, well maybe more than a few, thoughts of mine. If you need reading glasses now is the time to grab them!

It is my strong belief that a business moves from being good to great by learning from and acting on the day-to-day ups and downs that occur. With that said I would like to share with you some thoughts that lead me to believe that we must be doing something right.

It’s no secret that as the baby boomers are reaching or have reached retirement age there is and will be a shortage of people to fill the jobs and meet service, health care, etc, demands of their generation. Even my sons (14 & 16) are being told in school that considering a future as a skilled trades-person is a good choice as they will be in high demand for the next 20 years.

It is my opinion, and I am sure that from your life experiences that most of you would be well aware that this fact coupled with the not so distant past and recent “boom” and demand for workers has made it difficult to hire and retain good, qualified people. With the largest transfer of wealth in human history about to happen the sense of entitlement has changed the outlook of many, not all, of the X and Y generation making it difficult for business owner not only to find skilled workers but ones who still believe that providing service to others is an honourable thing to do. In defense of the 2 generations mentioned I will say that for the most part they were most likely more a product of their environment like anyone is.  I know a few reading have experienced that lack of loyalty and skill-set in the past with your services and the people of Creative Roots  and I truly appreciate your patience as we learn from our “life lessons.”

THE GOOD NEWS IS that we have not given up hope for humanity and continue to gain experience and learn about the many ways we can build a stronger business and community while keeping in mind our goal of providing service to “Nice People who Appreciate Details” and our promise that “You will be happy or we don’t expect you to pay. All we ask is for the chance to make it right.”

This coming season proves to me that we must be doing something right.  You will see the best return rate of familiar faces we have had in years and let me tell you that in a seasonal, physically hard business that is not an easy task.  We attribute this achievement to many reasons but what is important at heart is what makes Creative Roots a great place to work and will in turn continually improve the level of service satisfaction to our customers. In a nutshell: We haven't forgotten that it is you who puts food on our table.

Top 4 Improvements for 2012

  1. Better Defined and Measured Accountability's for our entire team
  2. Updated in-depth Customer Profiles
  3. Customer Satisfaction Rating System (See Next Month below for a few details about this)
  4. Skills and Business Training for every employee

We are proud to have:

Tj Hall (Landscape Construction 3rd season with CR)
Matt Northey (Landscape Construction 6th season with CR)
Shaun Hamilton (Landscape Construction 7th season with CR)
Tammy Arishnekoff (H/R, Culture, IT, Keep Ryan in Line guru in her 3rd season with CR)
Phil Colenut (Landscape Construction 5th season with CR)
Michel Frappier (Former Construction, now Landscape Maintenance 4th season with Cr)
Nick Trueman (Landscape Maintenance 2nd season with CR)
Spencer Gilbert-Parks (Landscape Maintenance Crew Member 2nd season with CR)
Cheryl Smith (Landscape Maintenance Manager is her 2nd season with CR)
There will be a couple of new faces coming to meet the demands of the upcoming season! And finally...last but not least (me) Ryan Markewich (C.I.O Chief Idea Officer, founder and 18 year owner of Creative Roots.