Fresh approach to landscaping

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Special to The Okanagan Saturday

Landscaping: a process of improving the natural beauty of a piece of land by planting or altering the contours of the ground. Anyone who is in new digs surrounded by a sea of dirt will appreciate its importance and no doubt be relieved to know the most demanding landscaping challenges are the realm of Creative Roots Landscaping.

The Kelowna company brings fresh and practical know-how to land beautification. “It’s been 14 years since I started the company with nothing more than a lawnmower, wheelbarrow and some tools.” said Ryan Markewich, company owner, aka chief idea officer. “Now I’ve got some of the best people in the business on my team and we’re providing the kind of exceptional service that sets a high standard within the industry.”

He said it’s a burgeoning industry, and suggested the biggest and best challenges are still ahead. With this gung-ho attitude, it’s hardly surprising Creative Roots Landscaping has become one of the leading landscaping companies in the Okanagan Valley and beyond. Its expertise and depth of service provide clients with garden cachets that are the ultimate in personal expressions. “We pride ourselves in working to a standard that leaves nothing undone. We go to lengths that others are not willing to go to, and that means covering every detail to ensure we and our clients are happy.” Markewich said.

As Creative Roots’ list of happy clients increases, so do the accolades and awards. One of the company’s biggest recognitions was a Gold Georgie award in the province wide category Best Landscape Design. Markewich attributes this success to his open-book management philosophy relating to irrigation and water features, including repairs. The work covers company installations and others. Maintenance schedules accommodate individual needs, from once a week (minimum of 4 hours) to once a year.

“In all of our work, we manage landscaping in the most environmentally friendly way.” Markewich said. “We use go green initiatives wherever possible to ensure that clients, the environment and ourselves have minimized health risks. That includes minimum use of pesticides.” He said the company also uses such integrated pest management techniques as releasing lady bugs who pray on less desirable bugs. Last year in Gallagher’s Canynon, where the company does a large part of the residential landscaping, it released as many as 250,000 lady bugs purchased from suppliers.

To maintain his success, Markewich has a mandate to hire and train people “who share our core purpose of creatively improving lives.” He said he’s not looking for super hero, but, rather, nice, hardworking people who care about details and making customers happy. For more information, phone (250) 868 - 9374 or see the company’s website