Creative Roots October Service Update


Irrigation Winterizing

will be starting Irrigation Winterizing on Tuesday, October 11th right after the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Our team will be starting in Gallagher's Canyon on the South Side followed by the North Side which should take until approximately the 18th.  After that, we will be moving on to the Mission area which should take another week where we hope to have it wrapped up by October 25th.

Crabgrass Issue

We are aware that there is a massive crabgrass issue out there.  Crabgrass is an annual weed, meaning that the plant dies off every winter but leaves seeds that enjoy germinating and infesting your lawn.  It is not only on the lawns that we take care of and it is NOT transferred from lawn to lawn via a lawnmower.  As of about 5 years ago, due to federal pesticide regulations, there are no longer any pre-emergent control methods available in Canada other then a natural solution, Corn Gluten, applied in the granular form first thing in the Spring.  We have had mixed results with this method.   Another method of control is a product called Acclaim, and this product is used as a post-emergent.  The application timing is critical but from what we have heard, it is an effective control method and needs to be applied by a licensed company with an IPM certificate holder - this is where Creative Roots can help.  Both services are not cheap but ABSOLUTELY necessary and will be offered to you when we are setting you up for the 2012 season.  The crabgrass is wrecking the lawns out there and we need to wage a war on it!!

Holy Voles!

It's one of those years again when the Voles are wreaking havoc on the plants.  Many of you have also seen the damage they do to your lawn once the snow melts in the spring and although they could be considered cute, we HIGHLY recommend taking action against them.  We have purchased Vole Stations and bait for anyone who wants them at a cost of $8 per station and these would be placed in strategic locations around your property - typically every 12 feet along the base of the house and rock walls.