Creative Roots Fall Update


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Refer a friend or family member to us for a landscape project this Fall, and we will reward you with a "thank you" credit(1) that you can apply to future Landscape Maintenance services!

Fall Services

Don't let the current September heat wave fool you - the nights are getting cooler and the days a little shorter - time to think about our available Fall Services.  If you have not already booked, now is the time to ensure you get on the schefdule for the following:

Fall Cedar Trimming
We are offering a great rate on Cedar Trimming for the rate of $50.00 per hour (plus disposal & HST).  Many companies are charging between $60 - $90 per hour so this is great value for your money.  Having your cedars shaped tight in the Fall is a good idea because:
  • You get the best "bang for your buck".  They will look good for about 8 months, or from now until after the Spring growth or early June.  If they are done in early Spring, they will only look good for 2-3 months since the growth is just about to happen.
  • For the nicest looking hedges, you should shape tight in the Fall and then have a light shaping done after the Spring growth.  If you are going to choose one time of year to have them done, then you should choose Fall.
  • Having your cedars shaped tight before Winter protects them from the possibility of heavy snow loads which can drag the limbs down.
Irrigation Winterizing
This typically starts after the Thanksgiving long weekend, but we like to get you thinking about it early.  If you have any special requirements, are going to be out of town or just haven't booked yet - please contact us. 

Fall Cleanup
The end of October is typically when Fall Cleanups begin, but Mother Nature has been known to surprise us in the past.  If you are booked already - fantastic!  If you have a friend or neighbor that could use our services, please send them our way so we can get them on our schedule as well.

Hard Surface Sealing
All hard surfaces are porous to some degree.  If not properly treated with a protective sealer, water, oils and other liquids can easily penetrate the surface's pores, leaving the surface stained and damaged.  The good news is that we can treat the surface with a protective sealer, leaving it ready for everyday use!  Our service prices range from $0.75/sq ft - $1.30/sq ft as follows:

  • $0.75/sq ft for a basic power washing and one coat of Sealant
  • Additional $0.20/sq ft for Acid Wash if needed to remove difficult stains 
  • Additional $0.35/sq ft for a second coat of Sealant
We recommend this service to ensure the prolonged beauty of your patio, walkway, or driveway.  If you are interested in this service, you can feel free to take your own measurements to figure out the estimate and then give us a call to schedule the work.  We need dry weather to do this, so no time like the present!