Words we live by

The importance of having core values cannot be understated. They represent everything that is right about us as humans. And even though we are well aware that we have never lived up to our standards perfectly, we set the bar high to ensure we are always striving to close the inevitable gap between what we say and what we do.

Live better by giving back

Having good intentions just makes us better people. Every effort makes a difference and encourages others to do the same. Creative Roots is about building something much bigger together than any one of us could create alone. We want to live by example.

We Will:

  • Use “Go Green” techniques whenever possible while performing our services to minimize our and our clients health risks and ensure we are leaving the smallest footprint we can on our environment.
  • Plan to stay. We are committed to a long term business strategy that will keep us giving back to our community for many years to come.
  • Help our community by donating our time, money, energy and information throughout the entire season to selected charities and causes.

Delight our customers

We are aware that our bottom line is derived from satisfied customers. Providing our clients great service and products every time is what we aim for. We go the extra mile to make this happen every time we put on our work boots! It feels good to hear that a client was delighted with the service they received.

We Will:

  • Hire people who believe that giving great service is an honorable profession.
  • Find out what is important to our customers by talking to them.
  • Provide ongoing service training and education opportunities to our team.
  • Use the best quality products we can find.
  • Do our best to ensure our customers feel value for their hard earned money spent with us.

Work together

Let’s face it, strong relationships are essential to the health and success of our business. Happy employees mean happy clients and happy clients are what we are all about. As a team we are always looking to improve our work environment, remain motivated and reach that next level as individuals and landscape service providers.

We Will:

  • Treat each other, our suppliers, vendors, colleagues, customers and people in our community with courtesy and consideration so we all benefit from knowing each other.
  • Plan together, measure and share performance regularly, appreciate efforts and reward results with a Bonus Plan and recognition.
  • Work to provide opportunity and advancement to help the healthy growth of us as individuals and our business.

Think outside the shovel

Creative Roots employees want stability. We have to be different than everyone else when striving to create results to be remembered and a sustainable future for our company. That is why we go to lengths that others are not willing to.

We Will:

  • Regularly share business information with our staff. The more we understand about business the more productive we are. We do this through “Open Book Management”  and actively playing The Great Game of Business to effectively manage our business. We know how our every day actions affect the bottom line for us as individuals, our customers and the people we surround ourselves with. It’s simple! Through HIP (High Involvement Planning) we create clear, measurable targets; with SCOREBOARDS AND WEEKLY FINANCIAL MEETINGS we measure and communicate the score and with our BONUS system we provide a STAKE IN THE OUTCOME to everyone in the company.

Solid profits

Profits are the lifeblood of our business!

We Will:
  • Do everything in our power to operate at a healthy level of profit.
  • Use that profit to build a better future for our customers, ourselves, our suppliers and our community.

Next steps: